Yee Jee Acting Filmography

Actor Filmography

Over 70 professional film, TV and stage credits.

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Doctor Who Photo Book

Time and Spaces: A Photobook

A behind-the-scenes photo-tour of Doctor Who filming locations, published by Miwk.

Doctor Who fans will love this
Film & TV Clips - Yee Jee Tso

Demo Reels and Clips

Selected clips of YJ's acting work.

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Film & TV gigs, upcoming releases, Dr.Who events, photography and more …

Time & Spaces - Coming Soon

Time & Spaces - Coming Soon

Miwk Publishing announces YJ's photobook on Twitter, to be released Spring of 2016 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Doctor Who TV Movie.

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Big Finish Doctor Who Audios

Big Finish Doctor Who Audios

Someone asked me today if I've done any Doctor Who audios, and while gathering links to Big Finish's audio productions, I thought to archive them here as well.

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