Monopoly Blitz

Monopoly: classic family fun. Simple rules and not too much thinking, but exciting enough to keep you coming back...until it isn't.

We’ve all had the hours-long Monopoly slogs that turn into an almost mechanical exercise: roll, pay rent, roll, get rent, ad-infinitum.

Our copy of the game was collecting dust, until we started playing Monopoly Blitz! This simple hack will make the game fun again and keep it within a reasonable timeframe.

Modified Rules

  1. Randomly hand out an equal number of property cards to each player at the beginning of the game. Remainders stay out and are purchased normally.
  2. First and second rounds—trade but no improvements. Second round, collect rent for unimproved monopolies as normal.
  3. Third round—blitz! It’s all out! No limit on the number of hotels!

All other normal Monopoly rules apply. Have fun :)