The Capitol: Doctor Who Convention in the UK

Time and Spaces photobook launch

Just returned from an amazing Doctor Who event: The Capitol, put on by the Doctor Who Appreciation Society in the UK ("DWAS"). Thanks to the event organizers and all the fans, who made it such a success and super fun!

Of course huge thanks also goes out to Matt, Jonathan, and Robert of Miwk Publishing for launching my photobook Time and Spaces!!

I read a physical copy of it for the first time at the event:
reading my book for the first time

The weekend started with a panel, where Karen interviewed Daphne and I. Everyone was taking photos so I did the same :P
panel audience

Doctor Who fans are a creative bunch:
Fan Creations

Someone showed me this, which I'd never seen before:
chang lee playing card

And this:
doctor who movie announcement

Also got to visit the Miwk retail store in Reigate, and I feel so honoured to be in such good company:
at miwk