The Couch Game

The kids just reminded me of a game we used to play together, called "The Couch Game". It went like this:

I "pretended" to be alseep on the couch, with my head buried under a pillow. They had to sneak by me in the narrow space between the couch and the ottoman. At any time I could reach out my hand and if I touched them, they got a tickle-torture.

This accomplished several things:

  • They had a lot of fun. They still talk about it, many years later.
  • I got a nap in. You only need to be 10% awake to wave your hand around randomly. Only if they get caught would you have to wake up and tickle them but that’s always worth it.
  • They are sneaking by you so they have to be quiet. They’d happily play this game for 1/2 hour or until I fully fell asleep. Any Dad of small children will attest to how valuable 1/2 an hour of silence can be.

That’s it. If you’re a father of small children—you’re welcome :)