Doctor Who SFX's Twitter Stream #TVM

On Feb 6th, 2016 @WhoSFX dedicated a stream of tweets about the TV Movie

I'm gonna do this in chronological-tweet-order (the opposite to most-recent-first on Twitter) so that as you scroll down you'll see the timeline progress. Warning: I shamelessly plug my book throughout this post ;)

Doctor Who SFX's Twitter Stream

I saw this Saturday morning LOL!

Geoffrey was lovely to work with. There's a personal story about one of my experiences with him, in my photobook being released in May.

It was fun playing around with the sonic screwdriver :P

I vaguely remember this moment …

Behind the TARDIS is a false wall. The location was "Rose Alley" in Chinatown. There's a chapter on this in my book.

The sets were indeed a beautiful thing to behold. Richard's work was incredible.

In an interview with Sylvester McCoy, he told me this "steampunk" TARDIS was the "one he always wanted". More in my book.

The TARDIS console from the #TVM is making its way around the convention circuit nowadays.

There are some close-up shots of these features in my book.

When waiting around (which actors do a lot of) I played around with the large wooden turney-thing with the months on it, at the same time hoping I wasn't messing up continuity LOL

The drawers with the gold dust—set dec had filled those with various interesting tidbits, even though you never saw them in the movie.

I feel privileged to be one of few companions to get to work the TARDIS key!

I have a shot almost exactly like this in my book, but high res and a bit brighter. There's also a matching shot of the alleyway as it is today.

This was SO FUN!

If I remember correctly, these shoes were of the brand "Skechers". Chang Lee's outfit consisted of some "raver" gear LOL.

This was a long night, and Sylvester was amazing as usual. No complaining, just did his thing. I was always a tad regretful of the line, "Chang Lee will help you" but at the time I was too young and doe-eyed to suggest any suitable replacement :P

Andrew Beech at BBC procured this for archival, which prompted me to donate Chang Lee's jacket, to display alongside the Doctor's. Andrew suggested my involvement in the Doctor Who 50th celebration, for which I'm very grateful.

#AsianChild has become somewhat of a hilarious meme on the convention circuit, LOL!

My book features several high-res photos of the Cloister Room.

I'd almost forgotten the long ramps!

Yes, the torches were actually on fire.

It was bright in there, LOL

As an actor looking at something that will be CGI'd in later, they give you an eyeline, and you add some 'acting' to it :P

The building, in which this was shot, is a glass pavilion architected as a tribute to the Crystal Palace in London. More in my book.

Originally, Chang Lee's death was due to him being thrown across the Cloister Room by the Master. It would've involved a wire-rig for me as well. Time constraints unfortunately (and maybe ironically) precluded the filming of that scene.

The location of the farewell scene—Andy Livingstone Park—is featured prominently in my book.

It's always fun hanging out with old friends :D Until next time …